CRAASH Out of the Lab and Into the World

Our CRAASH course coalesces CIMIT’s 18+ years of experience facilitating project teams through the challenging healthcare innovation journey in a time and cost efficient program. It gets project teams out of the comfort zone of the lab to conduct discovery interviews to:

  • Uncover stakeholder needs and buying dynamics
  • Develop and validate value propositions and business models
  • Define “killer experiments”
  • Create pitches to target funders

Find out how CRAASH can help teams understand the commercial potential of technologies and accelerate, pivot, or kill low potential projects before more investment of time, money, or resources is squandered on a commercially flawed project.

Learn more about how CRAASH can help...

  • Funders improve the return on their investment.
  • Institutions and programs create more successful projects and increase research funding while building innovation capacity.
  • Project teams launch successful ventures that improve health and patient care.